Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Where am I today?

Its December 27th and I made it through Christmas seemingly pretty well. This party girl was prudent and didn't stay late on Christmas Eve, paced herself on Christmas day and relaxed the day after. And I am feeling pretty good. 

I went to my Chiropractor today. Our visits are going very well. Several weeks ago he gave me nutrition to take because he believes that I probably have infection on the right side of my face due to all the dental work I have had done in the past. About a week ago I began to have a different taste in my mouth. Alright I will be honest, it tastes like nasal mucus in my mouth. There is drainage going on somewhere. As hard as I look I cannot figure out where. My gums look healthy to me. Maybe this is more than you really want to know :) .

He also has been targeting my trigger points with some kind of sound machine. He turns on the machine and runs a wand over my face along the jaw bone. Where the sound becomes a very high frequency he stops and turns on another part of the machine and leaves it on my face for about thirty seconds. It feels like pins and needles to me. Then after thirty seconds he moves on to the next spot.

I also have light therapy. This machine looks like a flashlight which again he runs all along the side of my face and behind my ear. This is suppose to help with inflammation.  

Of course I also get the regular chiropractic treatment of a spinal and cranial adjustment. 

Bottom line: I am feeling better. I have good parts of my day now that I do not have any pain. And it has been a long time since that has happened. 
So here I am on December 27th feeling good.
Praise God!

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