Tuesday, December 6, 2011


So here is the neurologist story:

Last year I decided it was time to introduce a neurologist into my life. I could stand the pain no longer. I was in terrible pain. Following the rules of the "system" I went to my primary care (who knows me well) first and she referred me to my neurologist. He wasn't willing to see me for quite a number of weeks but my primary care doc. got on the phone to him and so the neurologist would see me in three weeks. Take what you can get.

My primary care doc. took the initiative to put me on carbamazapine for the pain. She could tell I needed help right away. My neurologist wanted me to come with cash in hand since I had no insurance. Not check or charge, cash only. My visit was short and sweet and included a lecture about not having health insurance.

Fast forward to the present. I am on the highest level of carbamazapine and its not working effectively anymore. I call but have no luck getting an appointment with my neurologist until my 6 month follow up.

I will wait.

Last week I got a call from the receptionist of my neurologist. They were cancelling my 6 month follow up so my neurologist could go on vacation. (I understand everyone needs a break sometime.)
"Please call back on Monday to reschedule your visit" I call on Monday to reschedule and am told they have no idea when they can "fit" me in. They will call me back. I am still waiting for that call.

Now I have started to pray for this man because Scripture teaches we should pray for our enemies. I figure God knows this man needs prayer. And He knows I need a different neurologist.

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