Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Unwanted Guest

I remember the day when I first became acquainted with my unwanted guest. I was in the shower and I needed to blow my nose. Easy enough, except after drying my hands to keep from destroying the tissue with water instead of a satisfying nose blow - PAIN. It lasted a second and in retrospect it wasn't all that bad, but "Hello Friend!" And my unwanted guest was here for a very long stay. My first season of pain lasted about nine months. The pain was tolerable and I was willing to wait for my body to heal itself from whatever this was going on. Nine years later the pain and duration have increased greatly. Now my guest is a seemingly permanent resident, not willing to leave. He wants to be in charge, dictating how I live my life. I fight him sometimes with more success than other times, but I am still fighting. So I am asking you dear reader to join me in this fight. Maybe you know me and maybe you don't. Maybe you have your own fight and its just good to know there is someone else fighting. Or maybe you do know me and would just like to have a better understanding of me, of what I am thinking, or of what this is all about. For me... sometimes I want to explode because this is so much a part of me and I need a way to get it out. So if writing here allows me an escape, then I am thankful.

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