Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Me and My Hero
I believe in having heroes, or should I say I have heroes. There are those heroes that one really doesn't know but has read about or seen their lives depicted in movies. Their lives emulate characteristics that one values. And then there are personal heroes. I think everyone should have at least one personal hero.
I have one. He always saves the day! He is one of those heroes that no matter the problem he has a solution. And when there isn't a solution he just holds me. He is one of those kind of heroes that makes me feel like I am the most important thing on earth. But he is not a hero that lets me just whimp out. He challenges me to do what I can. Yet at the same time he seems to know exactly when enough is enough!
He has his own sayings that come out time and time again. Like, "look I just happen to have some extra money set aside for that." or "I got an idea" or "just do the best you can do'.
He also knows what will make me laugh. Things just between us. They work every time though.
As I would say, "he can stay"

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