Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Chiropractors Part One

If anyone has a history with chiropractors I sure do! It just seems like the right way to go. Got a problem with your eyes you go to an eye doctor. Ear infections bothering you, and your off to the ear, nose and throat doctor. And of coarse the dermatologist takes care of any skin issues. So I have a nerve issue. The chiropractor seems like the right kind of doctor to go to. I have been to quite a few these past twenty five years.

Chiropractor 1 - He lived in Pennsylvania. I was having trouble with bad headaches at the time. They were the kind of headache that go up your neck and cover the one side of your head. Well, this doctor was the kind of doctor that jerked everything back into place. My girlfriend who took me to him the first time while she was going, let me sit in and watch him work on her. Bad idea. I was sure he was going to wring her neck off. When it was my turn I prayed to Jesus hard. And it worked! No more pain! Years later when I told him I had TN he had no words of encouragement. The best he could do was suggest a healthy diet.

Chiropractor 2 - I went to him when doctor 1 was on vacation and I fell down the steps and jarred my neck. He was legally blind and very old. The first time I went there we took my blood pressure together. He listened and I read the machine when he said now. I am not kidding you. But he made me feel so good. He started at my feet and worked all the way up to the top of my head. And he would whisper sweet nothings into my ear as he worked. Like "Eat a banana for breakfast" or "Nutella". I stopped going to him when I realized that he fell asleep in between patients and his receptionist had to wake him up constantly. He was good though.

Chiropractor 3 - Another Pennsylvania man. I remember when I told him him I had TN. He bulleted
back to me, "No you don't! People kill themselves when they have that disease." So encouraging. He talked about shooting alcohol in my nerve. "No thank you sir, good bye!"

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