Thursday, November 17, 2011

Chiropractor Part Two

Chiropractor 4 - Young, compassionate and quite sure he could cure anything! Except me. And that frustrated him and I knew it. Time to move on.

By now my disease is often quite painful. Painful enough to bring about screams of fright running to Bob when the electric shocks came on. He would come and help me crawl into bed and hold me until the worse was over and I could fall asleep. That was a pattern. I knew I watched the clock. 10pm and it came. Every night.

Chiropractor 5 - I read in the book The Strike that an upper cervical chiropractor had great success with TN patients. There were only a few in the US. Ironically enough there was one 1/2 hour away. I called and set up an appointment. After my first appointment my pain decreased at least by 50%. My travel began, three times a week for years: 1/2 hour down, 45 minutes there and 1/2 hour home. I went a year without pain and many, many days with light pain. Then it happened. I went for an adjustment and instead of helping the adjustment set off the pain. I sat for several hours curled up in a ball in the chiropractor's office afraid to move. My pain was back and fierce! The next thing I know the man closes down his practice. And I am on my own again.

I felt betrayed. Left. I trusted. I was left. I would not go through this again.

Scripture states:
James 5:14 Is anyone among you sick? Let him call for the elders of the church, and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord.
Believing in God's Word I went to my pastor to ask if he would have the elders come together and pray for me. He was willing. One Sunday morning before the service started I met the elders and they prayed and anointed me with oil. My pain lessened but did not go away completely. I was willing to summit to this being God's will for me. Five months later reading about another church on the internet I saw they had a healing service. I felt like the Holy Spirit was leading me to attend. I did. The people prayed for me. My pain went away.

God blessed me with at least a year of no pain and a for a time after with mild pain.

But as it happens the pain comes back and grows and grows until it is unbearable. Now my pain was every day. Unable to cry for a tear running down my face would be excruciating. Horrible doesn't seem forceful enough to describe what was happening. There were the thin, string like electrical shocks that were set off by touch. They came in groups traveling from my mouth, up the side of my face to my temple. Then there were the continual electrical shocks, one right after another, nonstop, forever on and on. They were stronger. I couldn't determine what triggered them. "JUST MAKE THEM STOP!" Next came the king of it all, the lightening bolts. They were a hard, thick , strong, deep firing of my nerve. It was as if there was nothing but this nerve that wanted to say, "I am King! I will rule". They were the ones that left a bruised feeling in my face like someone beat me up. A reminder nastily left behind so I could not forget they had been there. Sometimes the pain would be in my mouth. Closing my lips, my tongue touching my gum line or swallowing would set it off. Some days I spent hours sitting, not moving waiting for it to stop. Some nights pain unbearable. I slept not moving. My whole body tense. When I slept there was no pain but when I would stir it would be there waiting for me. There were times when the intensity of the pain became so strong I could not contain myself. Bob would allow me to hit him as I cried and begged My God for His mercy. With the pain came fear of the pain. I spent my days and nights in fear that any moment it would come. I never knew when it would come or how long it would stay.

Chiropractor 6 - Dr. _______ is a cranial specialist. By now I have become brave enough to ask questions like, "Do you know what TN is? and "Have you ever had success with TN patients?" His response was a definite, "Yes!" My first visit was an evaluation. He said nothing through the whole exam. At the end he just looked at me and said, "I make no promises." Dr. ___ had absolutely no bedside manner. I mean none. But he tried. He was the first chiropractor to put his fingers in my mouth and apply pressure. He mushed my head! :) . But I was in pain and it just got worse. After many weeks one day he said, I am not doing any good am I?" No. I was done. I was frail and I was broken. I needed help. I could take it no more. Traditional medicine was to become my ally. (2010)


  1. Katie just sent me to your blog. I didn't know it was here. I don't know why I don't see any comments...maybe its because people are me. I'm guessing this blog
    is probably a helpful thing for you and a needful thing for everyone else.
    p.s. I'm a timeline kind of person, general time periods would be good, though you must have a reason for not specifying. I will be more consistent in praying.
    Love you...Nancy

  2. Oops, I guess I'm already Nanny on Katie's blog.