Friday, March 2, 2012

Visit to the Neurologist

So I am sitting here waiting, waiting to leave to go to the neurologist. I don't like going there as all those close to me know. When the neurologist and I converse we travel different directions. He is in one world and I am in another. Its like one of those space shows where you see the space ships traveling at warped speed into different parts of the universe. He speaks Triton and I am speaking plain old English. And so I am not real sure he is on my side.
I decided to go by myself this time instead of dragging Bob along for the visit. I figure he needs to see that when I am not in pain I am a normal 53 year old woman who can handle life. The problem is: this normal 53 year old woman, who can handle life can't handle this neurologist. He knows my question before I get it out. And he answers just as fast. Today I wonder if he is going to wonder what I want. I don't want him to do anything today really. I just want to keep him on the ticket for future reference. If things change. Right now I am having pretty good success with the chiropractor, so why would I want more drugs.
I sit here and think things like - Am I dressed alright? Should I take my meds. in their bottles or should I just the names of the meds? Is my stomach going to explode when I get there? Will he do something stupid like touch my face?
Its a fifteen minute drive but I think I will leave a good 25 minutes early. That will leave enough time for road work and a bathroom run after I get there. 
So I am off! I am taking the bottles because I don't feel like writing all their names down. I won't throw up and  I don't care what he thinks about what I am wearing. So there!


  1. Your last few sentences were my favorite part. You're a girl after my own heart, and I love you! -Jamie